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Vendor Information Guide 2017


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Market on Central is operated and produced by the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. Numerous community partners, local agencies and businesses contribute to its success by their support of MOC and Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance initiatives. Administrative policies, with participant rules and regulations are important to the success and future development of Market on Central and are produced and administered by the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Market on Central committee.

Applications for the 2017 Market on Central season will be accepted starting January 15, 2017. Submitting an application is not to be considered as an approved vendor. You will receive an official notification when you have been approved as a vendor. First priority will be extended to prior year’s vendors.

Application payment will be required upon notification of acceptance to Market on Central. Payment must be received before vendor will be listed as a 2017 Market on Central Vendor. Market Management has the right to refuse any application.

All applications must be submitted online at our website www.fdmarketoncentral.com.


Market on Central includes the area of Historic Downtown Fort Dodge along Central Avenue between N. 7th and N. 10th Streets, including the area between the Alley south of Central Avenue to the Alley north of Central Avenue, all sidewalks within, and including the area known as “the Plaza” at 9th and Central, as shown on the map provided with the annually approved Special Event permit.


New for 2017!

Market hours of operation for the 2017 season are as follows:

Thursday, June 8th – 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Saturday, June 24th – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Saturday, July 8th – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Saturday, July 22nd – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Saturday, August 12th – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Saturday, August 26th – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Saturday, September 9th – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Wednesday, September 27th – TBD*

*This market will be held in conjunction with the Fireball Run event being held in the afternoon/evening of Wednesday, September 27th. Exact times will be determined as soon as possible and relayed to our vendors.


All vendors must check in with the Market Host at their pre-assigned entrance point one hour prior to the start of Market. For the Saturday morning Markets, check in will begin at 7:15 am and vendors will be allowed to enter by 7:30 am. On the two afternoon/evening markets, check in will begin at 2:45 pm and vendors will be allowed to enter at 3:00 pm. These times are subject to change. Should any changes need to be made, vendors will be contacted.

Vendors must be ready to go in at these scheduled times or vendor will lose spot.

We want a full looking market with no gaps.

No late set up will be allowed. For the safety of both customers and vendors, no movement of vehicles will be allowed once Market begins.

No sales to the general public will be allowed prior to the Market opening or after closing, with the exception of Vendor to Vendor purchases.

Tear down and clean-up must be completed immediately upon Market closing. Barricades will be removed and streets opened 45 minutes after closing.

No early tear down is allowed. Business will be conducted rain or shine/regardless of weather conditions as long as they are not ”severe” as determined by Market Management.


One vehicle allowed per vendor. Parking of vehicle must be contained within the space(s) assigned. All vehicles not a part of the display must be removed prior to Market opening. No vehicles may be parked on any sidewalk at any time.


Assignment of vendor locations will be determined by the Market management. Individually marked spaces will equal one assignment space. Stall assignments will be made on the basis of the arrival at the designated check in time, space needed, size, and electrical needs.

Vendors may not ‘sub-lease’ to or share their space with any other person or group. Only the registered vendor is allowed to occupy and/or conduct business in the registered space.


Awnings/tents and tables with tablecloths/display racks are required. Awnings/tents must be weighted down with adequate poundage (est. 40lbs.) on each leg/pole. In the event of strong winds, tents may be removed upon obtaining permission from Market management.

No boxes, garbage, etc. may be visible from the front of the booth. Please keep space tidy throughout the market day.

A suitable appearance, as determined by Market management, must be projected throughout the Market day.

All vendors must have a 50 Amp RV Plug as their standard electric plug if requesting electrical.

All Vendors are required to attend vendor orientation.

The primary vendor must be 18 years or older. Workers under 18 years must be supervised by the primary vendor at all times. Children under 12 years are not allowed in vendor space.


The following activities and/or items are prohibited within the Market. Violations shall be determined by Market Management.

  1. Undesirable or illegal behavior
  2. Animals, except registered service animals
  3. Smoking
  4. Riding bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles, roller blades, segways, or hoverboards inside markets boundaries. Bicycles may be walked through market only.
  5. Distribution of hand-bills/fliers/leaflets without prior approval of Market Management.
  6. Political activities nor petitioning
  7. Shirtless or shoeless patrons or vendors
  8. Inappropriate, offensive language



The single space vendor fee is $240 for the eight (8) market season ($30 per space, per market) and guarantees the same location each week. Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis. A waiting list will be maintained for pending applications and spaces will be filled from the list if and as space becomes available. Single space vendor fees for less than a full season (eight (8) markets) will be at a cost of $40 per week and will be added to the waiting list. Fees are non-refundable. Vendors wishing to purchase a second space may do so at a discounted rate ($20 per market if paid for full season, $30 per market if not paying for full season).


The Market on Central will follow the Iowa Code and The City of Fort Dodge requirements. The Market will make an annual request for a City of Fort Dodge Special Events Permit that will cover all vendors selling at the Market. Individual vendors are not required to obtain any other City permits, unless they will be vending elsewhere in the City. Vendors are responsible for obtaining licenses for hazardous food products and meeting State food safety requirements. Vendors shall maintain, at their expense, comprehensive general liability insurance with policy limits not less than a combined single limit for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury liability of $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 aggregate, and provide proof of this insurance to the Market Management with their application. Vendors are responsible for obtaining a State of Iowa Sales Tax Permit and filing proper reports and paying all tax due on taxable sales.


Seventy percent (70%) of the product sold at Market on Central will be original or locally made, grown, or created in Iowa or within a close proximity to the borders of Iowa by the approved vendor. The products allowed for sale at the Market on Central are:

  1. Honey packaged by the vendor.
  2. Meat produced by the vendor and packed at a State or federally approved facility.
  3. Eggs produced by the vendor and sold according to State or Federal regulations.
  4. Fresh fruits and vegetables grown by the vendor.
  5. Flowers, trees, plants and other similar types of vegetation grown by the vendor.
  6. Baked goods made by the vendor that are not potentially hazardous unless the vendor has purchased a license to sell potentially hazardous food from a Public Health official.
  7. Crafts items made by the vendor.
  8. Art work crafted by the vendor.
  9. Sales of wine from vineyards may be allowed as long as the vendor has the proper license.
  10. Potentially hazardous food products must be shelf-stable, sold for consumption off premise, and must not require refrigeration. (Examples include, but are not limited to, jams, jellies, dried noodles, pasta.)
  11. Vendors of food for consumption on the market site. Examples include donuts, coffee, hot dogs, tacos, funnel cakes, etc. Vendors of food for consumption are subject to permit, regulation, and inspection by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.
  12. Any other merchandise approved by Market management that is made, grown or crafted by the vendor.

Merchandise sold at the Market on Central must meet all state and federal health guidelines. Any food product that is deemed potentially hazardous must be approved by an appropriate Health Department official. If you are selling product by weight, you must have an NTEP or Class 3 Certified Scale. The acceptance of food stamps will be left up to the individual vendor. Products purchased from other vendors or businesses may not be resold at the Market. Each vendor application will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the type and quality of the products sold and their relevance to the goals of the Market. ** NOTE: The Market reserves the right to limit the number of vendors in each category. Market management will determine compliance at the time of application.


Market management will be responsible for selecting/approving entertainment. All forms of entertainment will be considered. A variety of acts is desired.

Groups or individuals must apply to participate in the market entertainment. No group or individual entertainment will be allowed without management approval. Entertainment applications must be submitted prior to each Market event. A theme or focus maybe used to guide the selection of entertainment. Application must include a description of the performance and genre of the material to be performed. Language, appearance and content of material must be acceptable to community standards for general audiences of all ages and may not include profanity, obscenity, or sexually suggestive content. No illegal or inappropriate entertainment will be allowed, and will be determined by the Market management. Individuals and/or groups performing at the Market may display promotional materials related to future performances and sell, without vendor fee, merchandise related to their performance such as CD’s, DVD’s and t-shirts or posters.


Language, appearance and products sold must be acceptable to community standards for general audiences of all ages and may not include profanity, obscenity, or sexually suggestive content. No illegal or inappropriate products or displays will be allowed. A reprimand will be issued to any vendor for violating any rules or regulations which may be verbal or in writing, and may limit further participation in the Market. The Market management will enforce this rule, all fees are non-refundable, and all Market management decisions are final.


The Market on Central management may change these rules and regulations at their discretion at any time and without prior notice.


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