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Magic mushrooms have content called psilocybin, which, even though they have hallucinogenic effects, is beneficial for mental and physical health. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the significant health benefits of psilocybin mushrooms, as discussed below

  1. Help fight addiction

Several studies have been carried out to ascertain the ability of psilocybin to stop substance abuse. In one study, researchers found that cigarette addicts drastically reduced their cravings for smoking after consuming psilocybin for one year.

In another research, it was established that the compound found in magic mushrooms significantly reduced dependency on alcohol. Even though researchers have not arrived at a viable conclusion, it is believed that the substance found in these mushrooms can reduce the urge for other drugs and substance abuse.  

  1. Control depression

In research carried out on people with a long history of depression, individuals were given at least two doses of psilocybin every fortnight. It was established that those who consumed the doses recorded a considerable drop in depression levels. However, these researchers were not conclusive, and individuals are cautioned not to always self–medicate with magic mushrooms therapy.

  1. Reduces anxiety

Most, if not all, cancer patients tend to harbour death anxiety. Patients with other life-threatening diseases also have the same fear or, relatively, the thought of going to die anytime soon. Nevertheless, patients administered a total dose of psilocybin showed increased optimism about life and drastically reduced death anxiety. They also experienced increased energy and positive moods compared to the ones who obtained half amounts of the same substance.

        4. Cure headaches

Little research carried out in 2017 on people with recurring headaches established that the consumption of magic mushrooms significantly lowered instances of such headaches.

A conclusion was therefore drawn that the use of psilocybin helps in headache cures.

  1. It reduces traumatic stress.

Even though the research was carried out in animals, a conclusion was drawn that low consumption of psilocybin doses can help condition fear responses in humans, too. This makes magic mushrooms a viable technique for controlling traumatic stress disorders. Click here for Penis Envy Mushrooms.

In a nutshell, magic mushrooms offer many magical solutions to health, just as their name entails. Though researchers are still being carried on other health benefits, for now, any person experiencing the above health challenges is free to try out these heaven-sent mushrooms. It is, however, advisable to consult your local herbalist to avoid extreme side effects that may come with magic mushroom consumption.